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Leisure Time

Surroundings of the Camping Park Karpaty offer many opportunities for relaxation, swimming, hiking, biking and fishing. There is also a Disc golf course in the area of the Camping Park Karpaty.

Sightseeing tours from the Camping Park Karpaty will provide you the opportunity to get to know the historical and architectural monuments of Malé Karpaty.


The mountainous character of the Protected Landscape Area provides opportunities for hiking. Tourists can choose hikes of different degrees of difficulty and different lengths. Each of them offers splendid views of the countryside and many beautiful experiences.

Attractive tourist destinations in surroundings of the Camping Park Karpaty:

Vysoká (altitude 754 m) – the second highest hill of Malé Karpaty above the village Kuchyňa, dominating over Záhorská Lowland. The view of the rugged relief of Malé Karpaty, Podunajská Hilly Area, Tríbeč, Považský Inovec, Borská Lowland and of the Alps in clear weather.
Hiking trail: Kuchyňa – Vývrat – Vysoká
Uphill 594 m, downhill 90 m, distance 6.5 km, time 2:10.

Veľká Homoľa (altitude 709 m) – by its location and height it is the most prominent peak on the eastern side of the southern part of Malé Karpaty. There is a tourist lookout here, which besides a fantastic view offers a pleasant rest and sitting under a shelter.
Hiking trail: Kuchyňa – Čermák – Zbojnícke – Vápenka – Veľká Homoľa
Uphill 559 m, downhill 100 m, distance 12.1 km, time 3:12.

Červený Kameň – a preserved castle above the village Píla, a national cultural monument. The castle museum and castle area is open to the public year-round. In the summer season various cultural and social events are held here.
Hiking trail: Kuchyňa – Čermák – Zochova Chata (chalet) – Pekná Lúčka – Vyvieračka – Horná Píla – Červený Kameň
Uphill 535 m, downhill 435 m, distance 16.4 km, time 4:11.

Other tips for trips:

Cave Driny – the only cave open to the public in western Slovakia. It is located in Smolenice Karst in Malé Karpaty southwest of Smolenice. It lies in the Protected Landscape Area of Malé Karpaty. The entrance into the cave is on the west slope of the hill Driny, which rises up from the southwest slope of Cejtach, with the altitude of 399 m.
Hiking trail: Smolenice – Jaskyňa Driny
Uphill 210 m, downhill 35 m, distance 2.6 km, time 0:47.

Pajštún (altitude 486 m) – the ruin of a castle, built on the royal land before 1273. The ruins offer the view of Pezinské and Devínske Karpaty, Borská Lowland, and in clear weather you can see the Alps.
Hiking trail: Borinka – Pajštún
Uphill 232 m, downhill 0 m, distance 1.7 km, time 0:40.

Swimming and Fishing

Only at 100 m distance, the water reservoir Kuchyňa provides opportunities for relaxing at the water, swimming and fishing.

Disc Golf

Disc golf is a popular individual game with a Frisbee (disc). The effort of a player is to reach the target by as few throws as possible. The target in Disc golf is a special basket (Discatcher).

Brief rules of Disc golf:
The disc is thrown from designated “throw spots” (Tee Off), and the flight to the basket situated in average in the distance of 50-150 m is accompanied by various obstacles (trees, shrubs, pond, stream, vertical elevations). The winner is the person who manages to play the whole course, consisting mainly of 9 and 18 “holes”, with the lowest number of throws, where:
Birdie – if someone manages to do it with two throws
Par is a “hole” played with three throws
Bogey – if four throws
Double bogey – five throws
Hole in One or Ace if someone succeeds with one throw. (The terminology comes from the classic golf).

The discs differ from other Frisbees in size (diameter only 20-22 cm), but especially by their diversity, on the basis of which we divide discs according to the length of a throw into:
Driver - used especially for the longest throws from Tee Off
Mid-Range - designed for medium distances
Approach - used for short accurate throws to the basket
Putter, by which we finish into the basket.

Mountain and Road Biking

The locality where the Camping Park Karpaty is situated offers unlimited opportunities for discovering still new and new bike paths and trails. The area and its terrain is suitable not only for professional cyclists for training, but also for all recreational cyclists – whether they are focussed more on the flat land or forest terrain, whether they are lovers of natural sceneries or historical monuments. The visitors of the Camping Park Karpaty are offered the following options:

- Mountain biking outside the marked trails with a guide from the Camping Park Karpaty

- Mountain biking on marked hiking trails
Tip for a trip:
Kuchyňa – Čermák – Skalnatá – S. Javorina – Pezinská Baba – Kuchyňa (32 km)

- Road biking at the foot of Malé Karpaty
Tip for a trip:
Kuchyňa - Plavecké Podhradie – Buková -  Trstín – Smolenice – Častá – Modra – Pezinská Baba – Pernek – Kuchyňa (100 km)